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ZMA 495mg 90caps - BODYRAISE

ZMA 495mg 90caps - BODYRAISE

Improve your performance with ZMA 495mg by Bodyraise. Box 90 capsules.
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Improve your performance with ZMA 495mg by Bodyraise

ZMA 495mg by BodyRaise brings you a synergistic and patented formula of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 in a precise concentration. ZMA has proven to increase sporting performance by eliminating cramps, improving muscle recovery and testosterone.

ZMA is one of the most researched supplements in the world and with the most results too. ZMA is a patented formula which balances the deficiencies in Zinc and Magnesium common in athletes. These deficiencies result in a reduction of testosterone levels, lack of performance, reduction in recovery, cramps and fatigue. ZMA 495mg 90 caps by BodyRaise was created to fight these problems.

Improve your performance with the patented formula of ZMA 495mg by BodyRaise
Scientific studies have shown that ZMA increases testosterone up to 30%. Testosterone is essential for an athletes development and responsible for increasing muscle mass.

ZMA increases insulin which stimulates muscle growth and development by increasing glucose and amino acid intake. Studies reveal that ZMA increases strength approximately 11%, resulting in fast muscle gains. ZMA has also shown to improve the resting period when taken 30 minutes before sleeping.

Box 90 capsules.

ZMA 495mg Main Benefits:
    Increases testosterone
    Improves muscle relaxation
    Improves rest
    Improves recovery
    Ends cramps
    Improves sporting performance
    Improves memory


bodyraise zma-400mg-90caps 1 facts

- Να μη γίνεται υπέρβαση της συνιστώμενης ημερήσιας δόσης.
- Τα συμπληρώματα διατροφής δεν πρέπει να χρησιμοποιούνται ως υποκατάστατο μίας ισορροπημένης δίαιτας.
- Το προϊόν αυτό δεν προορίζεται για την πρόληψη, αγωγή ή θεραπεία ανθρώπινης νόσου. Συμβουλευτείτε τον γιατρό σας αν είστε έγκυος, θηλάζετε, βρίσκεστε υπό φαρμακευτική αγωγή ή αντιμετωπίζετε προβλήματα υγείας.
- Να φυλάσσεται μακριά από τα μικρά παιδιά.

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